Sunday, February 5, 2017


We finished off summer here in Dayton. We enjoyed swimming and biking and watching some baseball. Carter did great and we loved watching the chaos that ensued.

 But first our tribute to an awesome T-ball season!

What a great kid He did awesome!!

These three have such a great time together!!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Summer in Idaho!!

 Our summer started out great as we prepared for our cross country drive. It was smooth sailings, our only stops were for gas and one for Kamry throwing up because we gave her an access of Sun Chips and Fruit snacks. However, it was worth it because the kids did amazing I was shocked by how well they were able to do on such a looooong car ride. Mike drove most of the way, but he did let me drive for about 20 minutes. His eyes were tired and needed a rest. I guess they stopped hurting after I started driving (I think I make him nervous).

Our first couple of days was spent in Pocatello with Dad Williams and Mike's brother Scott and his wife and family. We also got to spend some time with out good friends the Davis. We can never have too much Davis time.
Grandpa and Kamry at Grandma Baker Funeral. 

 While visiting we found out that Mike's Grandmother had past away. We knew it was going to happen soon and we felt fortunate enough to be here and to see family and attend the funeral. It was a nice service and Grandma Baker was quite the woman. I had the chance to meet and talk with her one several occasions, she was a loving and caring mother and grandmother she will be missed.

The Grandsons as the pallbearers.

While we were visiting with Scott and Bridgette we had a blast. The kids woke up early every morning and played and played. The mostly loved roping the wooden steer Grandpa Williams had built for roping practice. The roped each other as well, of course. All in all everyone got a long and we were also able to go to Scout mountain a Pocatello must. We celebrated the July birthdays (Kamry, Sam, and Kate). played games and just really enjoyed being together as a family. We are so blessed with awesome older cousins who let Carter and Kamry play and they also teach them how to act and behave. Carter looks up to his older cousins so much and wants to do everything they do.

Here are some more pictures of our adventures in Pocatello. We were able to go rock climbing with the Davis' and horse back riding with Grandpa Williams, two of our favorite past time with two of our favorite families. 
One last Ride on Poco:(

Fourth of July in Idaho Falls is something I look forward to, and I was happy my whole family could be together to celebrate together. It was an awesome fourth. Mike and my dad were able to wake up early and go golfing. Then they met us at the parade and we enjoyed some family time. After the parade we had a BBQ at Melissa's house and played water kickball and swam in her nice big pool! We were planning on going to Redfish Lake the day after the fourth so we decided to have fireworks at my parents and it was so nice and relaxing. Kamry disliked the screamers and poppers, but loved the sparklers. 

 Redfish Lake! What a trip we had a great time and couldn't ask for a better time. We paddle boarded, played on the beach, went to the hot springs, snorkeled, boated, hiked, played cards and so much more!! We love being with family!

Our Final Act to our superb vacation was the Rigby Triathlon that we were able to do with Ryan and Caitlin. It was so much fun. Mike did awesome he got third over all. I was able to finish fifth in my age group and I was happy with that. It was a great vacation and the journey home was about as uneventful as the way out. Mike did let me drive about 4 hours this time which was great.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Let the Summer Begin!!

 May was a great month and we have been enjoying the warming weather and had some fun beginning summer fun. The Sunday before Mother's Day, Carter asked me if he could draw a picture for Grandma. Which was a great reminder to the following weeks celebration. With that we decided to make it our Sunday Morning activity. The kids were very diligent in their drawing and card writing it warmed my heart.

A new van has been a decision we have been talking about for probably a year. With our cross country journey to Idaho soon approaching we decided now would be the perfect time. We love our new van and it has been a great decision.
Visitors from Idaho!  We were so excited to hear that my Grandpa and Grandma Wood were coming to Michigan to visit my Aunt and Uncle, and we were going to be able to spend a few hours with them. We went to visit some of the Wright Brother Museums, and Carter loved holding Grandma's hand, and I am pretty sure she didn't mind too much either. Carter also came up with a new name for Great Grandma Wood, to keep up the Grandma Woods straight. She is now in our family called "White Haired Grandma Wood." We loved our visit and we were so glad to talk and spend time with them. 
Getting Ready for Swimming!

Spending time with Cousins is one our very favorite things here in Dayton and we had some time to go enjoy the sun and picnic at the park. 

To kick off the summer we went to the local pool that was having a free swimming day. It was so fun they had games, trail mix snacks and best of all hardly anyone there. It was a fun, peaceful afternoon and we love SWIMMING! 

We have been fortunate to have the opportunity to go with Chad and Tosha's family to King's Island. We were so excited to go and we decided to go to SoakCity which is the water park that is there. Along our way to the waterpark we couldn't resist the short lines, which was amazing because we feared it was going to be crowded.

 Once at the waterpark it started to rain and we were having a great time. We enjoyed the low numbers of the people, due to rain, and were able to go on lots of slides without much wait at all. During this time I tried to get Carter to do a slide that was uncomfortable to him, and I learned somethings about myself and about Carter that I had not yet known. I will have to modify my approach of new experiences for Carter. 

He is a cautious, tender hearted little boy and wants to know all case scenarios before attempting anything new. As for me, someone who has loved the adrenaline of roller coasters, waterslides and all things of that nature, has to remember that he is different and needs kind and understanding encouragement. We recovered from our meltdown and had an awesome rest of our time at King's Island.

 Memorial Day!
For this years Memorial Day we were able to go the Ward breakfast they do every year. We also participated in the 5k. Mike being in Young Men's, and also a sprained ankle, helped the racers and Kam. While Carter and I were ready to do our best. With our experience at King's Island, Mike and I felt very strongly to help Carter try new and hard things. With enthusiasm and love we told him we were going to do the race. He was nervous at first and wanted to know exactly everything that could happen. However, when we started running he stopped being nervous and we had a very fun rewarding experience. He never once complained and ran the entire time. We were so proud of him and he even told me he could of gone faster, next year. We finished the 3.1 miles in 36:10! 

Back in Pocatello we had huge red Peonies that would bloom every Memorial Day. It was our five year tradition to pick them and bring them to Mike's Mother's grave. This Memorial Day being so far from home that tradition had to be changed. However, here in our new house we have the most amazing pink Peonies and I couldn't help, but think of Mike's Mom on this Memorial afternoon as Kamry asked to pick the giant peonies. It felt as though we could still hold on to a part of our old tradition, and remember a woman I never got meet, but know she was amazing because of the family I was so fortunate to marry into. Also because of Mike's love and devotion to me and our sweet kids. I look forward to the day I am able to meet her.